Alexandra Ernst, Germany:
"I really enjoyed this breathtaking riding tour on fantastic horses. Riding through the sea at low tide and listening to the sound of a good tolt is so much fun. The guides found adequate horses for each rider, so everybody was happy.

The accommodation was quite comfortable with lots of warm swimming pools. Last but not least: the food was delicious, especially the icelandic lamb meat! But be careful: If you come to Iceland once, you might get addicted to it!"

Rikke Vemming, Denmark:
"Riding in Iceland on horses of wind, ice, and fire is an experience hard to explain because my words just don't begin to describe this magic. I never thought mud in my face could ever be so thoroughly wonderful.

This is an experience that will stick with me for the rest of my life – you go and you will never have felt so free, so fulfilled, so joyful, so blissfully tired, and so alive as you will during and after horseback trekking in Iceland with Hreinn, his family, and his herd of beautiful, colorful, and wonderful horses."

Isabella Ernst, Germany:
"After two tours around Snaefellsnes with Hreinn in 2008 and 2009 I'm very much looking forward to next year's tour and I wonder where he will be taking us... The fantastic riding in an area where you will enjoy a beach ride one day and the next day you'll be way up in the mountains; the marvellous food – traditional Icelandic most of the time – and also the day off for the horses with a bit of sightseeing for the riders to see still more of Iceland and to learn about it's history is what makes this tour unique!"

Christina McEwan, Canada:
"It was such a fabulous trek with Hreinn this year.

Each summer it IS a once-in-a-lifetime experience; each year seems even better than the last year, so I guess I'll be going back to Iceland to ride these beautiful, unique horses as long as the Gods will let me."

Elke Mayer, Germany:
"Back from my second wonderful riding tour with Hreinn and friends I am still dreaming of endless beaches, fast tolts on most comfortable horses, the sight of the free running herd and the always changing landscape. The evenings in nice company singing and laughing after a good meal and a bath in a hot pot are still in my thoughts. I give this tour all the stars availlable and I am looking forward to tour number 3 in 2010."

Elin Landerslev, Denmark:
"Rideturen var en fantastisk naturoplevelse og en kulturel rejse til Island. Hreinn og hans brødre havde tilrettelagt turen, så vi både fik nogle gode heste og natur som man aldrig glemmer. På vores tur var der flotte vandfald og floder, som skar sig gennem grønne fjelde og der var gletchere og gletscherfloder, som vi skulle krydse. Derudover blev vi kørt i bil til Gullfoss og "Gejseren". Ens hjerte er lige ved at sprænges, så smuk var naturen. Rideturen er ikke få de sarte. Man rider ca. 8 timer hver dag, så man skal være i god form. Til gengæld bliver man belønnet med smuk, øde og spændende natur. Om morgenen var der havregrød og brød og bagefter smurte vi selv vores madpakke til turen. Om aftenen fik vi dejlig islandsk mad: får, fisk og dejlige kleiner. De fleste aftener sang vi, og når islændinge synger så gør de det med stor følelse. Jeg føler virkelig, at jeg har fået en stor bid af Island med hjem både i billeder og lyd. Hvis man først har været med på en ridetur, bliver man afhængig af de store vidder og de dejlige mennesker."

Birgir Krossteig, Faroe Islands
"Fantastisk, gode forhold gode heste fantastiske mennesker og ikke mindst den flotte Islandske natur. Jeg kommer heldt sikkert til tilbake. Turen er velegnet til dem som ikke er vandt til at sidde på hesteryg."

Celine Picard, Canada:
"Travelling with Sagnaslod is:

- Endless tolts on secluded beaches aboard spirited yet safe horses

- Everchanging landscape throughout each riding day

- Extremely well organized tour from the time you land in Iceland to when you, sadly, fly home."

Julie Gething, Wales:
"I was impressed how Hreinn always asked how I had got on with the horse, did I like it and would I like to ride it again. The answer was usually: "YES"!

Our rides on the tidal mudflats of south-east Snaefellsnes were just fantastic, and the ride out to the sand bar at full tolt with the sea spray splashing will never be forgotten. When I look now at a map, many of our routes are in the blue of the ocean rather than over land, such is the magic of the tides.

Once again, the chef conjured up some lovely grub for us, and me being vegetarian did not dismay her! There was always more than enough to eat".

Lesley Rusk, Canada:
"This is my second tour with this particular outfit. I have found it to be very professional yet most considerate to the customers. The riding trails are unique, the scenery breathtaking, the horses brave and beautiful. They are a very high caliber of "trail" horses. The food is tasty, plentiful and special diets catered to. The accomodation is comfortable and more than adequate. I have no difficulty in recommending this outfit."